ROSA is a Czech non-profit and nongovernmental organization specializing in providing help to women, victims of domestic violence. It was established in 1993. The main goal of our activities is to make the issue of domestic violence more visible, to help the victims and improve the system of domestic violence victim´s support in the Czech Republic. For this purpose we cooperate with nongovernmental and governmental institutions in the Czech republic and abroad. ROSA is member and one of the founders of Coalition of organisations against domestic violence in the Czech Republic (KOORDONA), member of network WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe), Czech Women´sLobby etc.

ROSA runs several projects:

Information and counseling centre ROSA provides psychological and social counseling, legal consultations and psychological help to survivors of domestic violence, as well as supporting them in their difficult situation.

Telephone line

ROSA also runs a crisis line for women, victims of domestic violence (from 1999 till the end of 2006, 7667 women called the line).

Shelter with secret address

In cases of extreme need or danger, our organisation is able to accommodate women, victims of domestic violence provides them with the possibility to stay in its asylum house or asylum flats with a secret address.

Internet consulting

ROSA provides internet consulting for victims of domestic violence, their relatives and also for professionals on address poradna@rosa-os.cz.

Besides the direct support, ROSA is active in the prevention of domestic violence. It organizes training, seminars and conferences on domestic violence aimed at the wider public, students, health or social care providers, policemen etc. ROSA also co-operates closely with other NGO’s (from the Czech Republic and abroad) and state institutions on the prevention of domestic violence.

ROSA also publishes books on the issue (e.g. “I’ve Survived… Testimonies of Battered Women” or “Today I Won’t Kill You Yet”) as well as training material for professionals (including training material for policemen and social workers).

From its foundation in 1993, ROSA informs the media on the issue. In 2003, it became a coordinator of a Campaign against Domestic Violence against Women, organized under the support of Open Society Foundation Prague by 10 Czech NGO’s from different regions of the Czech Republic. The campaign consisted of strong public relations and an advertising campaign (TV spots, print advertisements, posters, and stickers), this was combined with direct actions to the public, including a documentary movie on domestic violence. The campaign continues in 2004, where a new documentary on children, the innocent witnesses of domestic violence, is prepared. More information about the campaign is to be found on www.stopnasili.cz.

Annual reports can be downloaded here
ROSA – Centre for Battered and Lonely Women (1993 – 2008): Fifteen years of providing aid to women victims of domestic violence can be downloaded from here .